GIS Applications in Natural Resource Management

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GIS Applications in Natural Resource Management

Geographic Information Systems: Applications in Natural Resource Management is intended for introductory-course students in forestry and natural resource management, field forestry, biology, and other natural resource or natural resource-related fields. The emphasis of this book is on the application of Geographic Information systems (GIS). It provides detailed coverage of GIS operations such as querying, buffering, clipping, and overlay analysis; as well as background information on the history of GIS, database creation, editing and acquisition, and map development. The applications provided can be extended to any region of the world, although the primary emphasis is on the U.S. and Canada. This book also examines current GIS trends, and the opportunities and challenges likely to face GIS users.


This is the WWW page for the text book "GIS Applications in Natural Resource Management." You'll find spatial databases, lecture notes, and other supporting material for the book at this WWW.


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 Book citation: M.G. Wing and P. Bettinger. 2008. Geographic information systems: Applications in natural resource management. Oxford University Press, Oxford. 272 pp.

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